Archive - Jun 7, 2010

IRAQ REFLECTION: “Sardasht was our voice”

The signs read, “Stop killing journalists” and “End Terrorism.”  Women and men, young and old, shouted, “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom,” as more than a thousand people rallied together on a crowded street in the heart of Suleimaniya, a city in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

On 5 May, twenty-three-year-old journalist and university student Sardasht Osman was kidnapped outside his school in the capital city of Erbil.  Two days later, his body was discovered fifty miles away in the city of Mosul.  Osman’s abduction is just one of many recent kidnappings throughout the region of Kurdistan. 

The demonstration on Wednesday, 12 May, brought together politicians, lawyers, students, media representatives and everyday citizens and supporters.  Many signs had a picture of the young journalist with the message, “Sardasht was our voice, and we will never be silent.”