Turtle Island Solidarity Network

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The Turtle Island Solidarity Network (TISN) is a network of CPT reservists who are engaged in Indigenous solidarity and decolonization. This network strives to take part in actions, be available for accompaniment, provide opportunities for education and advocacy, and work in coalition.  By working together across Turtle Island (the Indigenous name for North America), we strive to erase the colonial border between Canada and the US.

As a Network, we focus on:

  • Indigenous Solidarity -- actions, events, accompaniment, petitions, advocacy. 
  • Settler Education -- Undoing Oppressions workshops, resources on dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery,  and presentations to educate constituency.
  • Coalition-building to support Indigenous rights and the struggles of our partners.
  • Undoing Settler Colonialism -- providing guidance to the CPT body on how we can undo settler colonialism, including the Doctrine of Discovery and ideology of terra nullius, within our organization.

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