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Over 80% of our income comes from individual donors. Please consider donating today; your support can help transform violence and oppression! 

Donations in the US are tax-deductible. In the US, CPT is a 501(c)3 charity, EIN number 36-3174662.

CPT Canada does not have charitable status, because CRA status restrictions would impact the work that we do on behalf of our partners. Read the message to our Canada supporters in the December 2017 newsletter for details.

In 2012, a CNN blog post reported that the cost to maintain one US soldier in Afghanistan was between $815,000 and $1.4 million in USD a year. A 2013 article raised that amount to $2.1 million. In comparison, today a single CPTer's work can be funded for just $27,000 USD for an entire year.

It costs money to keep Christian peacemakers in the field too: money for travel, subsistence stipends, and communications equipment. But the cost of one of our peacemakers is a mere fraction of the cost of a soldier. And our teams are many more times effective in reducing violence and contributing to real peace and lasting security. So much of the world is investing in war -- let's invest in peace instead!