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Undoing Oppressions is the foundation of our work. As an organization dedicated to transforming violence and oppression, we understand that the violence we see on a global scale is a symptom of underlying systems of oppression (sexism, racism, heterosexism, colonialism, capitalism, imperialism) that perpetuate acts of violence.

We as Community Peacemaker Teams acknowledge our origins within predominantly white Christian spheres and how it has impacted the ways we have embodied our work of nonviolence. Along our journey, we continue to learn from our teams and communities to recognize how we live and perpetuate violence and oppression. By naming it, we can then move towards dismantling these systems within ourselves, our teams, and the governments and societies around us.

Many of these systems of violence are institutionalized and socialized to us as being the norm; a default modus operandi that cannot be changed. But this is not true. The exciting part about this work is that it’s always expanding and enlarging to deepen our understanding of the ways we are in relationship with our human siblings and the living world around us. Undoing oppressions invites us to challenge our ideas of value and create new systems of justice, dignity, and respect. 

Undoing racism

At CPT, our work challenges white supremacy. While traditional forms of accompaniment and protective presence rely on oppressive systems of power, we try to challenge these systems. We seek to address inherent racism that not only serves as the foundations our societies are built upon but that also manifests itself in the practices and policies of our teams.

Undoing sexism

We recognize the patriarchy as an underlying force of power inequality and violence and detrimental to healthy relationships with one another. CPT rejects all manifestations of sexism and works to bring a feminist lens to our teams, communities, and societies. 

Undoing heterosexism and transphobia

CPT rejects binary systems of exclusion that cause violence against gender and sexual diversity. We recognize that LGBTQ2S+ individuals experience increased targeting and violence especially in places of conflict and incarceration and we seek to challenge heteronormativity that has colonized Black, Indigenous, and communities of colour.  

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