Regional Groups

Community Peacemaker Teams Regional Groups are built around a core of trained CPTers and CPT supporters that work to reduce violence both in their local regions and by supporting or serving on already-established CPT projects.

Regional groups engage in a variety of activities: nonviolent direct actions, organizing speaking tours, lobbying government officials, and serving on CPT projects. They can function as a spiritual support community for people doing a lot of peace organizing.

If at least ten people from a region apply to train for the CPT Peacemaker Corps, CPT will work with that group to plan a regional training. 

Oceania: a regional group that includes Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Aotearoa and Australia.

Our regional group includes trained and active CPT’ers, those who have participated in delegations, and other supporters of CPT.

CPT Oceania recognises the role colonialism has played and continues to play in oppression of people’s in our region. This is a key focus in our focus on undoing oppression.

CPT Oceania is building on of the work of the CPT Australasia group which was established in 2008. We have renamed ourselves to step away from the colonial connotations of the word Australasia. Our regional group includes trained and active CPT’ers, those who have participated in delegations, and other supporters of CPT. We have a close association with the Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand.

We meet regularly by teleconference and seek to meet in person once a year.

CPT Oceania has three key focus areas:

Supporting members of the CPT Corps and delegates

Our region currently has five trained members of the Community Peacemaker Teams and a larger number who participate in training. We seek to provide mutual support and practical information to people as they serve on team. 

Supporting more participation through a subsidy program

Given the cost of travelling to both delegations and training from our region, CPT Oceania has established a fund to support people in our region to become delegates.  Click here for more about applying for a scholarship. Click here for more about donating.

Exploring how we can work in solidarity with the people of West Papua

The group has a key concern for the people of West Papua and is talking with groups about how we can partner with them in their struggle to overcome violence and oppression.

We’d love to hear from you!  Please contact us at


In addition to participating in CPT Europe’s work, the Netherlands regional group works at enlarging the CPT support base in their own community

Ontario, Canada

This regional group engages takes part in local actions, offers peacemaking trainings to non-CPTers (including high schools), provides marshals for actions, and stands with local campaigns that support CPT’s international programs.


Currently the regional group is most active by sustaining the regional program on Lesvos

United Kingdom

In addition to participating in CPT Europe’s work, the UK regional group focuses on outreach in their own community.

CPT launched its first regional group outside of North America in May 2004. CPT-UK came together with the purpose of building a presence in the region, resulting in the October 2009 European Training which took place in London. 

European Convergence

In March 2011 European CPTers and supporters met in Berlin for the first CPT European Convergence to continue the conversation about establishing support for CPT in Europe and to identify opportunities for peacemaking. In May 2015 European CPTers met in London at Union Chapel. As part of the convergence, we joined with the Anabaptist Network for a Faith Activism day. We also joined with London Catholic Worker to do a very powerful witness in solidarity with refugees who are drowning trying to get to Europe. In March 2017, European CPTers had another meeting in the UK- this time in Yorkshire. This included a visit from CPT’s Executive Director, Sarah Thompson. 

CPT UK Outreach

CPT UK currently employs an outreach worker Louise McGechaen one day a week. We are hoping to eventually raise the money to have a full-time or possibly four-day-a-week Outreach Worker in the UK, reaching people in churches, Quaker meetings and learning institutions, and encouraging people to take part in CPT Delegations around the world.

If you are interested in meeting with CPTers in the UK, discussing a delegation or hosting an event about peacemaking, please also contact


If you would like to donate to CPT UK (outreach work for CPT in the UK), please transfer the money to: Anabaptist Mennonite Network A/c no: 00030774 Sort Code: 40-52-40 

IBAN: GB70CAFB40524000030774



You can also set up a standing order from your bank. Put ‘CPT UK’ or ‘CPT’ in the subject line. Important info is below about transferring money to CPT UK. CPT UK’s address for legal purposes is: c/o Anabaptist Mennonite Network, Unit 13929, PO Box 7169, Poole, BH15 9EL.

IMPORTANT: When tranferring money or setting up a standing order, please write an email to the Anabaptist Mennonite Network ‘requesting’ that the funds be put towards CPT UK’s project (be careful to not use the language of ‘requiring’). The email address is and the person to address the email to is Ian Geere.

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