WANTED: Colombian and European CPTers


CPT is recruiting Peacemaker Corps applicants for trainings to take place in the United Kingdom and Colombia.  These are projected to be CPT's first trainings held outside of North America. Summer and Winter trainings in the Chicago Training Center will continue. At least ten applications are needed in order to schedule an off-site training.

After successful completion of training, the peacemakers commit to a three-year term of either full- or part-time service in situations of conflict and crisis. 

"The training in Colombia would be another opportunity for more people to follow the calling for justice and peace in our country so affected by violence," said Sandra Milena Rincón, support coordinator the Colombia project.  "They can join to thousand of communities, organizations and individuals that are already getting in the way." Colombian CPTers have been serving on the Colombia team since 2003.

"It's exciting to feel the momentum building" for a European training, said London-based organizer Dora-Marie Goulet.  "And it's reassuring to know that God is working through the process, so that whether the training goes forwards or not, the ultimate work of building the kingdom is still being brought about."

Application instructions for the Colombia, UK and Chicago trainings are available at www.cpt.org/participate/peacemaker/apply. For further information or a Spanish language application, contact personnel@cpt.org.