Upcoming Training: 13 July - 13 August 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Applicants for CPT’s Stipended Corps (at least half time) and Reserve Corps participate in an intensive, integrated, month-long training involving action, reflection, and practice of a variety of peacemaking skills.

CPT conducts Peacemaker Corps trainings in January and July/August for groups of 10-15 applicants. Regional trainings are arranged when 10-15 people from an area are ready to join the Reserve Corps.

CPT's nonviolence training is reserved for individuals intending to join CPT. We get lots of requests: "Can I just take the training?" Unfortunately, no. But we do provide below a number of the resources used in our training.

CPT’s training manual is a compilation of handouts brought by various trainers who facilitate different modules within our month-long training program. Not all handouts are available electronically.

This collection of handouts does not include certain documents that CPTers receive which are internal to CPT as an organization (i.e. CPT’s policy manual, organizational chart, certain Chicago-specific orientation pieces, etc.) Each trainer develops their own module/session outlines which are also not included in this manual.

Please feel free to adapt and use any of these materials in your work to further the cause of nonviolent peace and justice-making.