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CHICAGO: Public witness calls for protecting Las Pavas, Colombia farmers from corporate aggression


 Passersby watch dramatization of palm oil company pushing Colombian farmers off their land - Colombian Consulate, Chicago
 Passersby watch dramatization of palm oil
company pushing Colombian farmers off their
land - Colombian Consulate, Chicago

On Friday, 26 July, CPTers and supporters took to the streets of Chicago calling for an end to violence against the community of Las Pavas, Colombia. Donning cardboard palm trees and straw hats, participants dramatized palm oil producer Aportes San Isidro’s acts of aggression towards the subsistence farmers of Las Pavas.  

In recent months, the company’s armed security guards have destroyed crops, damaged farm equipment, fire bombed homes and buildings, killed animals, threatened people at gunpoint, and brutally attacked one community member with a machete.  Despite government orders granting the land to the Las Pavas community, Colombian police have done nothing to stop the company’s attacks and encroachment upon Las Pavas territory.

“We are calling on the Colombian government to protect the families of Las Pavas,” said Cass Bangay of Ontario, Canada in front of the Colombian Consulate in downtown Chicago.  She went on to read from a series of testimonies by Las Pavas community members: “Roberto Puerta Peña, father of six says, ‘I’m trying to make a good life for my family here on the farm, but I haven’t achieved that yet.  The violent harassment from the palm company is really hard.  One time they held a gun fifteen centimeters from my head.  Then they threatened to hurt my family.’”  A small delegation delivered a letter to the Consul General along with a small palm tree and images and testimonies from the Las Pavas community symbolizing the group’s concerns. 

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Christian Peacemaker Teams launches new logo


Flowing from a three-and-a-half year Mission and Presentation Re-visioning (MAPR) process that included representation from all parts of Christian Peacemaker Teams, graphic artist Nekeisha Alexis-Baker created a new logo for CPT.

The CPT visual identity, as Alexis-Baker articulates it, “focuses on the organization’s new mission statement, ‘Building partnerships to transform violence and oppression.”  Each element of the logo (including the graphic element), works together to suggest movement from division and strife toward renewal and restoration.”

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Interview with Noam Chomsky available on CPT website


A podcast interview with linguist, cognitive scientist, philosopher, and radical truth-teller Noam Chomsky is now available from a link on CPT’s website.  CPT interim assistant director Tim Nafziger and Herald Press’s Widening the Circle editor, Joanna Shenk conduct the interview, which is followed by a discussion that includes Nafziger, Shenk and editor of Jesusradicals.com Mark Van Steenwyck.

At the beginning of the interview, Chomsky and Nafziger discuss the 2005-2006 CPT hostage crisis.  Chomsky was among the first internationally known personalities to sign a petition calling for the release of the Tom Fox, James Loney, Harmeet Singh Sooden and Norman Kember when Iraqi militants kidnapped them in 2005.  He has said in the past that CPT’s work gives him hope.

Prayers for Peacemakers, May 2, 2013

Holy Spirit, spur willing churches and people of faith to undertake bold, compassionate acts of justice-building, to disrupt corrupt, oppressive systems and to proclaim and enact the healing of the nations. Anoint Christian Peacemaker Teams and Outreach Coordinator Sarah Thompson with evangelical fervor.


After fifteen months of full-time service with CPT's Aboriginal Justice Team, my view of peacemaking is broadening from answering Ron Sider's 1984 challenge, embracing the cross and the Spirit of The Way and standing in front of weapons, to also challenging the church to transform violence and oppression through outreach, education, advocacy and liberating love. 

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Aboriginal Justice Project Support Coordinator position opening

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) invites expressions of interest in and nominations for the half-time position of Aboriginal Justice Team Project Support Coordinator. The Coordinator will provide leadership and support for CPT's Aboriginal Justice Team and, as a member of the Support Team, will serve as primary link between the project and the rest of CPT.

Prayers for Peacemakers, March 20, 2013

Lord, renew among your war-weary people the gifts of lamentation
in the face of wrong, sharing in suffering, partnering with all who
stand in and for peace and good, and offering oneself to protect
from harm anyone branded as "enemy".

IRAQ: Ten years of lamentation, partnering and action

Ten years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, CPT,
together with uncounted Iraqi families, laments
the ongoing carnage that continues to echo from
that moment.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Applications to join Christian Peacemaker Corps due May 1, 2013

Applications for Peacemaker Training, July 19-August 19, 2013, are due May 1.

Prayers for Peacemakers, March 13, 2013

Pray for all connected to grids of power, that we may learn from the excluded, threatened and expelled how to overcome apathy, indifference and collusion as powers and principalities target land, air, sea, life. May we welcome, not dread, God's new thing.