Turning faith into action for peace

CPT builds partnerships to transform violence and oppression.

Inclusive, multi-faith, spiritually guided peacemaking. We approach injustice from a spirit of faith and compassion.

CPT accompanies and supports our partners in their local peacemaking work in situations of violent oppression.

Committed to undoing the structures of oppression that feed violence, both in society and within our organization.

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U.S./MEXICO BORDERLANDS: A migrant shelter, a feast, and a Great Light

14 December 2019
The heart of Advent is laid bare in immigrant shelters along the U.S.-Mexico border. These communities expose the gritty side of Advent hope. The guests reside in a transitional space between a home they can no longer live in and a country that refuses to accept them. Between laughter and fear. Between tears and hope. In the rain. In the chill of night. In tents. In bunks or just under blankets. Their hope is palpable despite the facts. Their patience expectant. Their faith more durable than the nearby, new 30-foot wall and the fear that builds it. Theirs is not a cheap hope. They are the Light of which Isaiah wrote.

Advent Reflection: Meet CPT Reservist Hannah Redekop

13 December 2019
I grew up in the Mennonite church in southern Ontario farm country, with a rich education in social justice that has lead to a lifestyle of solidarity and communion with communities in several parts of this beautiful world. I currently reside in Amman, Jordan, and together with my partner Alaeddin we’re adding life and creativity into the Amman art scene.

PALESTINE: Lessons from Hong Kong

10 December 2019
When millions of people are in an open struggle for freedom, the world takes notice. The Green Movement in Iran, the Arab Spring, the Maidan in Ukraine, are just some of the recent challenges to authoritarianism that have drawn global admiration—and headlines. Now it is Hong Kong’s turn.

Advent Reflection: Meet CPT Reservist Kody Hersh

7 December 2019
It’s really important to me that my actions reflect my beliefs and values. I have big dreams and hopes for the world, as well as big grief about the way things are. Joining CPT brought me into a community of people trying to take meaningful action for peace and justice, and to do it in a way that is spiritually grounded and intersectional.
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Accompanying small farming and mining communities caught in the crossfire of decades of war and, more recently, hyper-development. Partnering with local human rights organizations. Highlighting the effects of a conflict that has permeated urban social structures through organized crime, trafficking, and displacement from rural areas.

Iraqi Kurdistan


Partnering with mountain village and shepherd communities that peacefully resist displacement and destruction caused by cross-border military operations. Accompanying human rights defenders and civil initiatives standing against oppression. Documenting impacts of violence on civilians and advocating locally and internationally for change.



Supporting Palestinian-led, nonviolent, grassroots resistance to the Israeli occupation and the unjust structures that uphold it. Documenting human rights violations in occupied Palestine. Partnering with local Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers and educating the international community to help create a space for justice and peace.

Turtle Island Solidarity Network


CPT's Indigenous Solidarity work is now carried by the Turtle Island Solidarity Network (TISN), which shares resources and takes action to support Indigenous Solidarity efforts across Turtle Island (North America). CPTers who are members of TISN take part in actions, workshops, and presentations focused on reconciliation, undoing settler colonialism, and training settlers in US and Canada to understand and participate in Indigenous Solidarity.

CPT Europe: Aegean Migrant Solidarity


A CPT Europe Regional Program. Partnering with local and international organizations committed to solidarity with refugees who are nonviolently defending their human rights. Reporting on the inhumane living situations in the military-run refugee camp Moria. Accompany refugees in nonviolent protests against unfair treatment. Monitoring vessels on the Aegean Sea, and welcoming refugees as they newly arrive on Lesvos after the perilous crossing.