Christian Peacemaker Teams activities in Europe.

BERLIN: CPT Europe public witness supports Las Pavas community’s return to its land

 On 25 March 2011, under an overcast sky, a group of CPTers walk slowly with heads bowed from the Wittenbergplatz U-Bahn station towards the Colombian embassy in Berlin, Germany. At the embassy, the group divided, with most of participants remaining in the entrance hall, performing a Beatitudes-based Lenten litany with the theme of embracing justice and hope amid the circumstances of land displacement and corporate greed.  Meanwhile, a smaller group walked upstairs to deliver a letter to the ambassadress. This letter, composed by CPT Colombia, highlights the history and current situation of the Las Pavas community.

GERMANY: First CPT-Europe Convergence to take place 25-27 March 2011.

March 25-27, 2011, the first Christian Peacemaker Teams’ “European Regional Convergence” will be hosted by the Berlin Mennonite congregation.  For two days, CPT Corps members and supporters from several European countries will pray together, exchange thoughts and views, and participate in a public witness.  CPT Corps members will arrive one day earlier to discuss issues of oppression, outreach opportunities, and strategies in an expanding CPT.

SWEDEN: CPTer Martin Smedjeback wins FOR nonviolence award

On 2 October 2010, Gandhi’s birthday, CPTer Martin Smedjeback received the non-violence award of the Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation (SweFOR). He has worked as secretary of non-violence for SweFOR and is now non-violence facilitator and a peace activist.

AT-TUWANI/ABORIGINAL JUSTICE REFLECTION: Seeking the peace of Palestine by engaging our own settler reality

A life-changing thought came to mind this past week while I was serving in the village of at-Tuwani.  I was out with Palestinian shepherds, watching the Jewish settlers of Ma'on construct another large chicken barn on stolen Palestinian land.  As I watched, all of a sudden, the armed Jewish settlers and their bulldozers vanished from sight, only to be replaced by other white settlers—persons of European origin, carrying Bibles, guns, and Christian civilization.  Then the Palestinian shepherds next to me, a couple of young Muslim teenagers, also disappeared, and in their place stood two men of First Nations origin.  And before I knew it, the desert land beneath my feet began to tremble, and thousands of huge Douglas Firs erupted from the hillsides, while a raging river full of salmon and steelhead burst forth from the rocky valley below.

SWEDEN: A disarmer’s letter from prison

A Swedish CPTer, in prison for disabling weapons of war, and his fellow inmates introduce each other to new worlds and convictions.

SWEDEN: CPTer writes letter from prison


During the time I have been in prison so far (almost three months when writing this), I have not been met by even a harsh word, threat or any physical abuse what so ever. Neither have I seen any violence, physical or psychological, between anyone in prison.  The heaviest weapon the guards carry is a pepper spray. ''I have never had to use it," says a woman in her forties who has worked many years as a guard. "I use this instead" she says and points to her mouth. "It solves almost all conflicts."  …At one lunch, I had a philosophical discussion with a twenty-nine-year old female guard about the difference between determinism and utilitarianism.