I would love to see CPT encourage demonstrations [against violent toys] in other cities by sharing the songs or advising local groups. It would fit many of us who support CPT but find ourselves called to ministries that make even brief delegations problematic.

Randy Gabrielse

Ames, IA

[Note: CPT has organizing packets available to guide groups through the process of planning a local witness against violent toys, including sample songs, leaflets, and media alerts. Contact the Chicago office.]

I am really excited to hear about your [undoing racism] work. It is an issue that, as white people, we have the choice to ignore, but I am so glad you are choosing not to do that.

Deb Valentine


Our heads are bowed in honor of your incredible work of accompanying the Awá people [in Colombia]. May the world be transformed by your example.

Carla Bluntschli

Harry Nicolas

Djalòki Dessables

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

I value and admire your work with those who need accompaniment. Violence has taken the lives of the best that we have, or exiled them, or displaced them. I dream of a world worthy of our sons and daughters, our miners, our teachers. A country that kills its teachers has forgotten who taught it to read, and that in the oldest notebooks the children used to write the letter “L” for love, the “H” for hope, the “N” for nonviolence, and the “S” for struggle for a more just society. May God bless and protect your journey.

Mennonite Pastor


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