Thirteen people completed CPT’s summer training.  Ten committed to 3-year terms as full-timers (f) or Reservists (r).  Two continue in discernment (d).  Participants (left to right) were: Back Row – Sally Ann Brickner (Green Bay, WI) – d; Fred Snyder (Lincoln, NE); Colin Stuart (Ottawa, ON) – r; Tarek Abuata (Bethesda, MD) – ft; Rachel Cloud (Lawrence, KS) – ft; Jonathan Stucky (Bogotá, Colombia) – r; Front Row – Charletta Erb (Chicago, IL) – d; Delycia Fuestel (Lebanon, NH) – r; Jessica Frederick (Jamestown, NY) – ft; Paulette Schroeder (Tiffin, OH) – r; Martin Smedjeback (Sundbyberg, Sweden) – r; Jean Fallon (Maryknoll, NY) – r; Joshua Hough (Talent, OR) – r.

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