Prayers for Peacemakers 18 November 2020 US/Mexico Borderlands


Padre Ricardo (last name withheld) serves as the pastor at Sagrada Familia Iglesia Catolica in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. The church also houses the migrant shelter (CAME). Once, in the spring of 2019, when members of organized crime began to threaten the lives of migrants seeking asylum and the lives of workers and volunteers at the shelter, Padre Ricardo, wearing his priestly vestments, accompanied the asylum seekers to the US port of entry.

  • Give thanks for the life and faithful witness of Padre Ricardo.
  • Celebrate his courage and commitment to helping migrants.
  • Pray for his safety as he continues to officiate at the funerals of young men killed in cartel violence.
  • Pray for his health as he recovers from Covid and his recent battles with vertigo.
  • Bless him as he continues to lead his congregation during difficult times.

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