Prayers for Peacemakers 16 December 2020 Aegean Migrant Solidarity

Pray for the migrants who face endless challenges and expect a harsh winter in terrible camp conditions.

Winter is approaching on Lesvos Island. The new refugee camp that authorities quickly established to replace Moria camp – which burned down in early September – is even worse. Named Moria 2.0 by the migrants, this camp has no protection against bad weather conditions. It is located on the seashore, completely exposed to the adverse effects of the strong winds on the Aegean coastline. Even after short downpours of rain, the camp floods. Also, since the area used to be a military shooting ground, the land itself carries the risk of toxic substances. This environment is made worse by the lack of access to basic amenities such as electricity, suitable nutrition, fresh drinking water and hot water with which to wash. The authorities should feel great shame, as they have not fulfilled their responsibilities to provide even the basic needs. Under the conditions of this pandemic, most people have the luxury of staying at home. Migrants, who seek their right to asylum – a right that Europe claims is a human right – are finding only punishment in an oppressive system. Pray for the migrants who face endless challenges and expect a harsh winter in terrible camp conditions.

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