Prayers for Peacemakers 3 March 2021 Colombia

Let's demilitarize life!
Two people wearing hats and masks stand side by side, one is speaking into a megaphone. The text of the prayer is written over the photo.
CPTers and partners speak out against injustice.

From 2017 to 2019 the Colombian National Police killed 2,899 people, injured 3,613 people and committed 102 acts of sexual violence.

On the week against police and military brutality, we express our outrage at these numbers and the pain they represent, we make a call of remembrance and we demand justice and reparation for the victims.

From CPT Colombia would like to invite you to be light and salt in the world. Let us be light, giving comfort in the midst of pain and let us be salt, denouncing the abuse committed by the force of the State. Let us be light and salt raising our voice for social justice.

Let’s demilitarize life!

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