Prayers for Peacemakers 5 May 2021 US/Mexico Borderlands

Give thanks for the opening of the New CAME centre.
a grey brick wall with a large brown door is seen across a road. There is a red brick building that is seen above the wall and there are trees on either side of the gate.
The new CAME centre that will double the capacity to support migrants in Agua Prieta

In March 2021 CAME (Centro de Atención al Migrante Exodus), the migrant shelter in Agua Prieta Sonora, moved from its home of 20 years in the Sagrada Familia Catholic Church to a new location on another property belonging to the church. The new facility more than doubles the number of people who can be served.

The shelter now houses two or three families who have been there since last year before the border closed.  In addition, new people – mostly young, single men from Mexico or Central America – arrive daily and stay only a few days before they either return to their home or attempt to cross again to the US.  These men have been expelled from the US under Title 42 of US health law. This law allows any Border Patrol agents or US Customs officers to apprehend and expel from the US any undocumented people because of the threat of Covid-19.  Presently 50 to 100 people expelled by Border Patrol arrive daily in Agua Prieta.  Most of them do not stay at CAME, but approximately 10 to 20 will stay a few nights at the shelter before resuming their journey.

  • Give thanks for the opening of the New CAME centre.
  • Rejoice that many people donated money, time, and materials for the new building.
  • Pray for the volunteers who have been at CAME throughout the pandemic.
  • Offer blessings for the migrants who have remained in Agua Prieta for over a year, waiting for a chance to request asylum.
  • Say a special prayer for the CAME director who continues to lead with bravery, wisdom, compassion, and calm.
  • Pray that the US/Mexican border will soon reopen for asylum seekers and all other travelers.

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