May 19, 2021

An image looking out from the windshield of a vehicle. There is a vehicle on the road in front, and green mountains in the distance with a very dark overcast sky. There is a person sitting on the roof of the vehicle, their leg is visible on the right side of the windshield.

The journey that has changed me

Thirty-five years after CPT initiated this journey, some people are still travelling along, others have ended their journey as they continue their path in new ways, and others are now in a different dimension.

A concrete barrier blocks a road with piles of stones on either side of it. "GO HOME OPP" is written on it in orange spray paint. There are electricity lines running beside the road and a green field in the background with some trees in the distance.

Prayers for Peacemakers 19 May 2021 Turtle Island

Pray that colonial systems of governance and corporations, including Foxgate Developments, would honour the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs’ Moratorium on Development in the Haldimand Tract.

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