Prayers for Peacemakers 25 May 2021 Colombia

May 24 is International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament.
An image of a wall in a park with protest signs pasted to the wall that read in Spanish "If women strike, the world stops"
Protest signs that read in Spanish: "If women strike, the world stops."

May 24 is International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament. This day aims to achieve the participation of women in world peace processes where their voices continue to be silenced by the patriarchal system. 

It is time for women not only to participate in peace processes, it is time for the world to take the step to listen to them as protagonists.

God of love, justice and peace.

We know you put us here with love, justice and peace in our hearts and minds, but we have suppressed these virtues for greed, exploitation, and exclusion.

God, strengthen the will and stamina of our mothers, sisters, and daughters in Colombia and around the world who are standing up for justice and peace each day. Women face many obstacles, but they continue their work to bring justice into this world.

We ask you to awaken us as a society, blinded by patriarchy, to the realization that only justice, love, and equity for all will bring peace and security for your people.

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