Prayers for Peacemakers 8 September 2021 US/Mexico Borderlands

Pray for strong women everywhere who are finding creative ways to support their families.
A woman stands facing to the left, holding up a phone with two hands, she's wearing a baseball cap, a yellow and purple shirt and jeans. She's standing in the middle of a cornfield.
Rosalinda takes photos of the corn.

Every day during this time of the year, Rosalinda Sagaste Chavez goes to the garden of the DouglaPrieta Trabajan Women’s Cooperative in Agua Prieta, Sonora, to water the plants, pull weeds, and gather the ripe vegetables.  As the co-op’s director, she leads the women who grow the community garden, cook and serve meals for visitors to the border, and sew shopping bags, aprons, and other items for a business in Tucson, AZ.  During the pandemic, they have sewn thousands of facemasks.

In addition, Rosalinda volunteers at and serves on the board of the Centro de Recursos para Migrantes (CRM), where deported migrants are met when they return to Mexico.  Several years ago, when Agua Prieta was flooded with asylum seeking migrants Rosalinda and the women of DouglaPrieta sewed hundreds of shopping bags which they gave away for food donations for the migrant shelter.

  • Give thanks for Rosalinda’s faithful work in leading the women’s co-op and for her service to the migrants at the CRM.
  • Pray for strong women everywhere who are finding creative ways to support their families, who are working cooperatively with other women, who are accepting leadership roles, and who are helping others in their communities.

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The front gate of the US Port of Entry at Douglas, Arizona, with a US customs sign and turnstile checkpoint

Confusion at the US/Mexico border

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