Prayers for Peacemakers 8 December 2021 United States/Mexico Borderlands

Pray that migrants will be protected from Border Patrol and Mexican cartels alike.
People wait outside a building with blankets wrapped around their shoulders
The Migrant Resource Center offers food, water, and warmth to people on the move.

One year ago this month, the United States Border Patrol began sending migrants back to Mexico, using as its justification US health law to ostensibly stop the spread of the coronavirus.  These removals have not stopped, even with the change of administration in the US government.  Migrants apprehended nearby in Arizona arrive by Border Patrol van.  The Border Patrol also buses in migrants from as far as 100 miles away.  Since last December, volunteers at the Migrant Resource Center (MRC) in Agua Prieta, Sonora, have been welcoming migrants at all hours of the day and night – providing food and drink, medical attention, and warmth from the cold.  Yes, nights in the desert are cold, even in the summer.  There is now an additional shelter and heaters at the MRC to offer these people some additional relief on their cold and lonesome journey.

  • Pray that migrants will be protected from Border Patrol and Mexican cartels alike.
  • Pray that the US government will change its removal policies.
  • Pray that the Mexican government will find ways to stop the cartels from preying on migrants.
  • Give thanks for the many volunteers who greet the returning migrants and help them on their journey.

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