Another Badinan Prisoner sentenced and prepares for release

Pray for Berivan, a civil rights activist from Badinan and a mother of five children, who stood trial after more than 17 months in detention. Pray for her family and the families of other Badinan prisoners, who must live without their loved ones.
An image of Badinan Prisoner Berivan. She looks directly into the camera, her red hair falls past her shoulders.

Berivan Ayoub Hassan, 35-year-old civil society activist, mother of five children.

After 17 months of detention, the courts have finally tried Berivan Ayoub Hassan. The judge sentenced her to two years in prison, and she will soon be released due to lack of evidence and time spent in jail. The trial began on 28 February, but it was postponed until 6 March after a short start. Another 80 Badinan prisoners have also been arrested because of their struggle for free speech, human rights, and corruption in Iraqi Kurdistan

CPTers, lawyers and supporters stand outside the courthouse for Berivan's trial
Outside the court, CPT together with Members of Parliament and lawyers. CPT is the only organization that is permitted to attend the trials.

Berivan is a mother of five children, and she has not been able to see her family since she was imprisoned on “national security” charges. Berivan was an activist at the 2020 Duhok Governorate demonstrations protesting against corruption. She has been detained since 13 October 2020 and has been held in prison without a court trial until now. Berivan has met with her lawyer only a few times in the past couple of months, having been prevented further meetings. 

We pray for Berivan Ayoub Hassan. We pray for all the Badinan Prisoners.  We pray they all receive fair trials and are released. We pray for their families who also live with the trauma of having beloved family members arrested and imprisoned and having little or no access to them in prison or in court. We pray for respect for free speech and human rights in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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Guarantee the human right to movement

Pray that migrants may safely make their journeys towards a better life and that governments will choose to guarantee the human right to movement.

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