Turkish bombings kill two children at village celebration

Pray for three families whose two children were recently killed and another one wounded due to the ongoing bombardments by the Turkish state in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Three people stand looking at the camera. Two of them hold cellphones, with the screen facing the camera.
Kovan, Hishyar and Farhad, the fathers of killed and injured boys of the 26 May attack holding phones with pictures of Yousif and Avand on them, Shiladze, 16 June 2022.

Yousif Kovan, 13 years old, and his cousin Avand Hishyar, 11 years old, were celebrating with their families and a thousand other people their community’s annual reunion in Bamarne. The two cousins were playing football with other children during the celebration when all of a sudden several mortar shells hit the area, killing Yousif and Avand and wounding their second cousin Sipan Farhad, 8 years old. 

The celebration and picnic day turned into a funeral. People did their best to take the wounded children to a nearby hospital to save them. Unfortunately, the injuries of the two cousins were very critical and they died before arriving at the hospital. Luckily, Sipan Farhad received treatment and left the hospital. Join us in praying for Yousif Kovan and Avand Hishyar that they might rest in peace. We pray for their families as they grieve the loss of their beloved children, that they all may receive mercy from God. We pray for Sipan to recover quickly from his injuries and the trauma he experienced. We pray for the safety of all people in Kurdistan. May God hear our prayers. 

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