Escalation of violence threatens lives in Northeast Antioquia

CPT Colombia calls on state actors to guarantee human rights for the communities of Northeast Antioquia and the members of CAHUCOPANA.
dozens of people sit in chairs facing a panel of speakers sitting at a table, with the CAHUCOPANA flag behind them.
CAHUCOPANA meets with communities threatened by the increased violence in the region.

We ask for prayers for the communities that CAHUCOPANA accompanies in the face of the escalation of violence occurring again in the Northeast Antioquia region. This crisis directly and imminently affects the work carried out by CAHUCOPANA, putting the lives of its members and the mining and peasant communities they accompany at risk.

Given the alarming increase of danger in the region due to clashes between armed groups and the entry of the Gaitanist Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) into the territory, as CPT Colombia we continue to reiterate to the state the need for non-military actions that protect to the civil population and the organizations that defend human rights in Northeast Antioquia. We demand actions that effectively guarantee security for the mining and peasant communities to remain in their territories in peace.

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Why we celebrate pride

When we take to the streets to celebrate pride, we remember and create a place in society for those who still cannot do so due to fear.

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