Violence against women must stop

Women across the world are subjected to many forms of violence by their husbands or families, including physical, verbal, and sexual violence.
a graphic collage of women's faces of diverse colours, hair, and style. None of the faces have eyes or noses.

Women are the foundation for building society. They are powerful leaders and contributors to society. Unfortunately, the impositions of culture, traditions, and customs force some women to be submissive. They are unable to exercise their minimum rights because of social customs and traditions that are fundamentally unjust and consider women as servants. 

A woman must take into account all the demands of others, whether her husband, family or children, who may, in turn, ignore or forget about her rights. There are women who dream of completing their basic or university education, but tradition obliges them to marry, stay at home to give birth, cook, and do housework. There are those who are forced to marry before the legal age of marriage, which leads to greater instances of physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological harm. Some women are subjected to physical abuse, sexual coercion, and psychological abuse by their husbands and families. There are several societal norms that give men privileges, higher wages, and better work based on perceived physical ability. In addition, some women experience health issues and even miscarriages because of the physical violence they are subjected to. Other forms of gender-based violence result in depression, disorders, fear, anxiety, and other health conditions.

Women often suffer silently. Few women can find the courage to talk about the psychological and physical violences they are subjected to. 

Let us pray for persecuted and abused women and remember how many women in the world suffer. Let us pray for those who struggle to protect themselves from all forms of violence and to live in dignity and equality. We hope that dignity and equality between people of all genders will be achieved and that women will not be forced to do things they do not want to do. We pray for all women who are striving for a decent life. Let us work together for the freedom and dignity of all women. 

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migrants handprints in red and blue paint cover a white wall

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Mail Alert

We want to inform our constituents about interruptions to both Canadian and US mail services.

As global capitalism continues to exploit, Canada is seeing an increase of folks sleeping on the street. In Toronto, there is a growing encampment on the church property where our office is located. CPT is in solidarity with residents of the encampment.  Unfortunately, some Canada Post workers have since refused to deliver mail to our office. We are unsure if the mail is being stored somewhere or will be returned to sender. To ensure your donations make it to CPT, now would be a good time to switch to online donations, if you are able.  

In the US, postal services have been increasingly unreliable. If you are able, we encourage you to consider a monthly online giving plan which you can easily set up.

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