A soldier stands looking left, in front of them stands a young girl, visible from the shoulders up, behind a large boulder. In the background another soldier stands in front of a row of closed shops.

Destined to die

When death becomes a desire for children, the situation in which they live is certainly too difficult for anyone to bear.

a landscape view of an Israeli settlement atop a hilltop. Several white buildings line the right side of a paved road.

Living close to settlements

Palestinian families living in proximity to illegal Israeli settlements experience constant threats against their lives.

a painting of Hebron's old city, framed

A Prayer for Hebron

A prayer written by the first foreigner to join the team in Al Khalil since the pandemic, on leaving.

Ahmad al Atrash looks towards the camera, wearing a black puffy jacket and a red sweater with a white collared shirt.

Israeli sniper shoots Palestinian dead in Hebron

As Palestinian Muslims celebrate the first week of Ramadan, there are 10 empty seats at the Iftar table, while the Israeli occupation continues to receive worldwide support for self-defence.

Two people are visible behind a large metal gate.

Do you understand me now?

CPT has observed the increased use of collective punishment by the Israeli military in Hebron/Al Khalil.

Israeli settler Ofer Ohana gets out of his vehicle at an Israeli checkpoint in H2, Hebron/Al Khalil

Israel: a settler-led state

The impunity of illegal Israeli settler violence has gone too far. The occupation now draws on settler violence do do their dirty work.

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