Kurdish woman’s death sparks protests in Iran

Protests continue across Iran in solidarity with the death of Mahssa Zhina Amini at the hands of Iranian morality police
Zhina wears a scarf loosly over her hair and a dark blouse, and looks out towards the left. The text overlay reads "Women Life Freedom" in English and Kurdish.

Mahssa (Zhina) Amini, a Kurdish woman, was travelling with her family in mid-September when she was arrested by the Iranian morality police for allegedly not complying with Iran’s mandatory hijab policy for women. While in custody, Zhina was brutally beaten into a coma by the police. She collapsed and was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she died of her injuries on 16 September. Zhina was 22 years old.

Hundreds of people gathered in Saqez, Zhina’s hometown, to protest her death and Iran’s state-sanctioned violence against women. Thousands of people in cities across Iran have been demonstrating daily in the streets, protesting Zhina’s death at the hands of Iranian police and violence against women by the Iranian regime. 

Please pray for Zhina’s family and friends who grieve her death and for all people of Iran who are protesting her death and risking their lives to oppose Iranian oppression of women. Also, pray for Kurdish people in Iraq and others who are protesting in solidarity with women in Iran.   

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