Justice for all!

The Greek courts continue to criminalize people on the move. Pray for the release of three asylum seekers going to trial this week.
The Aegean Sea at sunset is visible through an ancient archway.

In the coming days, two trials will take place in the court of Mytilene in Lesvos, Greece: the trial of A.B. on 5 December 2022 and the trial of Amir Z. and Akif R. on 8 December 2022. Both trials involve people on the move, who are wrongfully accused of smuggling.

Once again, the authorities are choosing to target and criminalize innocent people who were on board on a very dangerous and precarious journey to Europe.

Instead of providing protection and access to asylum procedures and basic human rights, the European and Greek authorities are prosecuting and imprisoning people seeking safe passage to Europe without any evidence.

We unite our thoughts and voices against the criminalization of migration and against the practice of scapegoating people on the move.

We pray for the acquittal of A.B. and the release and acquittal of Amir Z. and Akif R., and hope that this time justice will do the right thing.

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