Trying to keep hope alive

What will 2023 bring to the shores of Europe?
across a bay, a tall building is visible on the coastline, with graffiti reading "CLOSE MORIA, SMASH FASCISM"

As the new year dawns, we look back, trying to find the courage and hope to carry on into the future.

Unfortunately, in 2023 the criminalization of people on the move and of people in solidarity, border violence, injustices, and crimes against humanity have continued for yet another year.

We cannot forget about all the people that were unjustly tried, convicted, and imprisoned, just because they were trying to cross the European borders. We cannot forget about all the crimes that Greece and the European Union are committing every day, by perpetuating the illegal and lethal practice of pushbacks. We cannot forget about all the people that lost their lives in shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea, in such an unjust way, while they were seeking safe passage to Europe.

However, we must also not forget that there have been moments when people have been “vindicated,” albeit belatedly. Moments where people collectively raised their voices to support and stand in solidarity with those oppressed and to fight against the systems of injustice, violence, and fear. Τhere were moments when people’s struggle, community, solidarity and humanity won.

We want to focus our thoughts on these latter moments and pray that the new year will be full of them.

One thing is certain: As long as there are people who refuse to remain silent and inactive, people who fight against injustice, violence and oppression—both individually and collectively— and people who show solidarity with consistency and perseverance, our hope will not be extinguished.

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