February 23, 2023

Palestinians wait to be let through Israeli checkpoints. A soldier is visible through the rungs of the turnstile.

A Question of Humanity

After the death of Nasser Abu Hmaid, a Palestinian freedom fighter who had been denied cancer treatment while in an Israeli prison, much of the occupied West Bank went on strike. CPT volunteer Louis Bockner, who was in Hebron on Dec. 20, the day of his passing, reflects on that morning and the events that unfolded.

Two people wearing CPT vests walk beside each other as they descend a rocky hill. One wears a backpack, and the other has the CPT logo of a dove on barbed wire clearly visible on the back of the vest.

An ode to CPT ethos

Visiting teams not only allows you to engage with the political realities of the contexts in which CPT works, but also to participate in and experience the spirit of team work

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