Call for Solidarity at the ‘Pylos 9’ Trial 

Greek authorities are trying to conceal the events of the Adriana shipwreck—we must stand in solidarity with the Pylos 9!

On Tuesday 21 May 2024, the trial of 9 of the survivors (the ‘Pylos 9’) from the shipwreck of the fishing vessel “Adriana,” that occurred on 14 June 2023 in international waters near Pylos, is scheduled to take place before the Three Member Felony Court of Appeals of Kalamata

The Pylos 9 have been unjustly arrested and accused of membership in a criminal organisation, facilitating unauthorised transport of foreigners in the Greek territory, and causing the shipwreck that resulted in hundreds of people losing their lives. Each of the defendants has now been detained for almost a year in inhumane and degrading conditions and faces several life sentences and hundreds of thousands of euros of fine. 

In order to not be held accountable for another state crime leading to deaths during its sea border operations, the Greek authorities are trying to conceal the events that led to one of the deadliest tragedies in recent European history. Extensive investigations, carried out by civil society, domestic and international media, but also by the EU Ombudsperson and the Frontex Fundamental Rights Office, have demonstrated the inconsistencies in the Greek authorities’ account of events and their clear responsibility in the tragedy. 

Not only were the Hellenic Coast Guard and Frontex aware of the distress situation of Adriana and ignored their legal obligation to rescue the passengers, but they ended up trying to tow the Adriana ship out of their area of responsibility, leading to its capsizing  and the deaths of over 650 people. In order to carry out this operation, they also had to deny or redirect all the help that was available out of the area! The investigating authorities have repeatedly rejected requests by the ‘Pylos 9’ defence lawyers for a further and more thorough investigation into crucial available evidence, which could clear the 9 survivors and shed light on the real culprits for this tragedy. 

We call on everyone to declare their solidarity and to meet on Tuesday, May 21, at 09:00 am, in front of the Kalamata Courthouse to demand justice for the victims of the Pylos crime and vindication for their friends and relatives.

#FreePylos9 Campaign

We demand

• The immediate acquittal of the 9 survivors from all charges 

• Their immediate release and their proper treatment and support as survivors of the  shipwreck 

• A thorough and independent investigation of the real events behind the ‘Pylos  Shipwreck’ 

For more information, visit our website and follow our social media accounts 


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