CPT Borderlands

white crosses are propped up against the US/Mexico border wall, which has white handprints painted up each iron slat.

Joint vigil honours migrant deaths 

For the last few years, the ‘Healing our Borders Vigil’ has joined the traditional Mexican celebration of the ‘Day of the Dead’ to honour the lives of migrants who have died while trying to cross the border.

New fences surround the port of entry at Douglas, Arizona, increasing security in an ever-changing environment.

US/Mexico border protocol unclear 

As migrant numbers increase at the Port of Entry in Douglas, Arizona, CPT and other migrant services struggle to understand how to respond to rapid changes in border protocol.

Asylum seekers line up to board a bus, while a borders agent patrols the line. The end of Title 42 was expected to cause a surge of migrants, but it didn't come and systems have been running smoothly.

A quiet end to Title 42

The surge of migrants expected on the US/Mexico border after the end of Title 42 never came, but migrant routes are still very active, and the US still lacks humane migration strategies

Migrant Stations of the Cross - images of migrants and of markers of migrants who have passed during the Easter celebration

The Migrant Stations of the Cross

During the Easter season, we remember the journey of Jesus to his death while we accompany the journey of migrants to new life.

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