CPT Colombia

CPT members wear blue vests and stand listening to a presentation from OFP member of the bionatural centre

Caring for Mother Earth

May we honour the Earth through our daily practices and care for all forms of life, not just human life.

A person sits beside a bucket of roses, holding one in their hands

Flowers for 8 March?

For International Women’s Day on 8 March, think about what the business of flowers represents

Erik sits on a chair with his arms up behind his head in a relaxed position. His farm is behind him.

Have we gone back in time?

Communities and social leaders are facing a spike in violence in the last year, both in rural and urban areas. There is no safe place anymore.

Four members of CPT Colombia wearing their blue vests sit on the pavement in front of a row of candles that are set up in the form of the number +21.731 representing the number of people killed in Gaza since 7 October.

Day of the Candles

The CPT Colombia team uses the Colombian Christmas tradition of Day of the Candles to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people

a group of people stand together in a line, some have their hands in the air, all smiling at the camera

Community Practice for accompaniment

CPT joined partner organizations in Geneva Switzerland for a conference of Community Practice for Unarmed Civilian Protection/Accompaniment in October.

A storefront with the letters AGC spraypainted on the wall after the Clan del Golfo incursion into Segovia.

Clan del Golfo invades communities in Antioquia

Community Peacemaker Teams calls on Colombian authorities to protect civilians after recent paramilitary incursion exacerbates humanitarian situation in Segovia, Antioquia

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