Borderlands Litany

Written by the CPT Borderlands Witness Team, July 2007 Open our eyes and ears. Deepen our understanding of the humanity we share with all peoples

Borderlands: “We Are One City”

by John Heid In the upper Rio Grande Valley, the boundary between Texas and Mexico meanders willy-nilly like the river it rides. A muggy lushness

Borderlands: Couldn’t Have Done It Without Them

A refugee services coordinator in New Orleans stated emphatically, “We couldn’t have done it without them.”  Undocumented Latino workers were among the “first responders” after

Back to Iraq

A team of four CPTers including Anita David (Chicago, IL), Peggy Gish (Athens, OH), Cliff Kindy (North Manchester, IN), and Michele Naar-Obed (Duluth, MN) will

Application for CPT Executive Director

Please send a completed CPT ED Application to by Sep 14, 2013. Please feel free to raise any questions about the position or the

Biking For Peace

Bicyclists to Embark on Epic Journey Around the United States to Raise Awareness and Funds for CPT David Jones of Wickenburg, Arizona and Michael Himlie


Gene Stoltzfus (1940-2010) was the Director of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) from its founding in 1988 until 2004. Gene traveled to Iraq immediately before

Anne Montgomery

Parting with Sister Anne Montgomery by Kathy Kelly | August 29, 2012 (a version of this article first appeared on Waging Nonviolence) Anne Montgomery died

Septermber Supper Fundraiser

Will you host a dinner party for CPT?

CPT really needs your support in raising $10k in September. Unfortunately, we are behind our financial targets and need your help. We want to dedicate the month of September to bringing people together around the dinner table. You can choose the date, who you invite and what you cook (though our teams have some great recipes prepared!) We’d love to hear if you’d be interested. 

There’s no commitment needed at this stage.

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