Kathy Kern

A painting of a humming bird in flight, looking towards the sky, with the words "Soleil D'Argnon Sunrise Ceremony" overlayed.

Gunshots disrupt sacred Apache ceremony

During a sacred Sunrise Ceremony at Oak Flat, members of Apache Stronghold heard gunshots, a clear message of intimidation against the community.

tall oaks shade Oak Flat land under threat of destruction by Resolution Copper

Evil Spirits Advancing on Oak Flat

How quickly corporations and governments move to destroy Indigenous sacred spaces, while in contrast, Christian sites are respected and preserved.

Peiman Talib lays on a bed on the left side of the room while CPTer Mohammad Salah documents the testimony accompanied by her familiy members

An evolving experiment toward solidarity

Many of the people who joined the first Christian Peacemaker Team trainings in the 1990s came inspired by Ron Sider’s 1984 vision of brave, committed

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