by Craig Kite

One-year-old Mohammad Ahmed was killed when Iran shelled his family’s village, Razga, on 10 March, in violation of an agreement Iran had made with the Kurdish Regional Government to stop attacks in the Pshdar district.  The attack also injured the boy’s father, Ali Hamed Ahmed, in his head, back and leg, rendering him unable to walk.

A mortar hit the roof of the family’s home while they slept at 9:00pm.  Four rockets landed inside the village the same hour. Fifty families fled on foot to neighboring villages.

CPTers visited the grieving Ahmed family 4 April at a relative’s house.  “We are all separated and homeless,” Ali Hamed Ahmed told team members.

“I sold my few animals at a low price,” Ahmed continued.  Many displaced families did likewise, resulting in a market glut.  “The price rose again,” he said.  “The animals will be too expensive to replace.”

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