Step up for the earth. Learn. Act. Pledge.

Three easy steps to honor the soil and declare solidarity with Land Defenders in 2022!

Around the world, we are not only experiencing a global climate emergency but a land crisis as well. Land wars and colonial practices of monopolization rage while the Earth’s life-giving soil is being polluted and deteriorated at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, people are boldly standing up to defend the precious Earth from the extractive violence of corporations and governments worldwide.

Will you join the struggle in 2022? Will you Step Up to honor the planet’s life-giving soil and declare your solidarity with those fighting for land justice?

In 2022, CPT wants to bring increased attention to earth stewardship and the critical work of Land Defenders. The United Nations Human Rights Council declared that “defenders working in environmental matters, referred to as environmental human rights defenders, are among the human rights defenders most exposed and at risk”.

In every place that CPT works—Colombia, Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine, Turtle Island, Lesvos, the US/Mexico borderlands and elsewhere—land is a prime issue. Everything comes from the earth, and returns to the earth.  Soil is life, and those who wish to control life will seek to monopolize and abuse the land. 

Learn. Act. Pledge.

Step 1: Learn

Find out more. Learn about one of these Land Defense or Earth stewardship topics. You can use one of these topics to inform your earth action for the year.

Do you know who the traditional stewards of the land are?
Native Land interactive 
Whose Land
Landback Movement

Learn more about land conflicts and threats to land defenders.
Land Conflict Watch
Global Witness
CPT Colombia

Soil conservation.
What is the difference between soil and dirt? Soil not Dirt.
What is the current status of the soil where you are?
Is it in danger, and if so, why?
Save the Soil campaign

Learn about pipeline and mining threats on Turtle Island (North America)
EarthJustice Pipeline overview and map
The Line 3 and tar sands pipeline: Stop Line 3:  Honor the Earth
Coastal Gaslink in Wet’suwet’en: Wet’suwet’en Gidimt’en Camp
CO2 pipelines and Carbon Capture and Storage
Great Plains Action Society
Science and Environmental Health Network
Sierra Club on CO2

Oak Flat: Apache-Stronghold

Research native plants local to your area.

Step 2: Act

Choose an action for the year. Here are a few great examples. Feel free to create your own action!

Support one of these Indigenous-led land defense movements on Turtle Island.
Wet’suwet’en Gidimt’en Camp
Frontline Land Defense: Great Plains Action society
Stop Line 3:  Honor the Earth
Oak Flat: Apache-Stronghold

Declutter the land:
Pick up plastic and other trash on your walks

Nurture the soil:
Learn to compost
Plant native plants in your yard or neighborhood

Better Stewardship for land owners:
Minimize the amount of fertilizer you use
Decrease lawn space
Remove concrete, and replace it with soil.

If your land was stolen from Indigenous communities: Support land reclamation and return land back to its original inhabitants or put Land Back in your will.

Step 3: Pledge

This year I pledge to practice better stewardship of the earth. I will bring attention to the global violence fueled by colonization, extraction and land confiscation. My actions will honor the courageous actions of the earth’s land defenders.

Step up for the earth. Learn. Act. Pledge.

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Step up for the earth. Learn. Act. Pledge.

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