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SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: Israeli police and military use settler's map to restrict Palestinians' access to their land

TUBA, SOUTH HEBRON HILLS, PALESTINE – During the morning of 31 July 2009, Israeli police detained Palestinian shepherds, CPTers, and Israeli activists for over two hours while Palestinians attempted to access their land in the Umm Zeituna area, located near the Israeli settlement of Ma'on.

AT-TUWANI URGENT ACTION: Demand that Quartet pressure Israel to revoke demolition order for electricity pylons

On Tuesday, 28 July, members of the Israeli District Coordinating Office (DCO)—the branch of the Israeli army that administers civilian affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)—issued a demolition order for the newly constructed electricity pylons in the South Hebron Hills village of At-Tuwani.  These pylons would connect the village to the Palestinian electricity grid in nearby towns.

AT-TUWANI: Children walk in nonviolent witness from At-Tuwani to Tuba

At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills, Palestine  On the morning of 27 July 2009, more than one hundred Palestinian children marched from At-Tuwani to the village of Tuba along a path where Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinian children, shepherds, and international human rights advocates.  They carried banners and Palestinian flags as they drummed and chanted, “This land is Palestinian land; this is Palestinian land; the settlers have to leave.”  Accompanying the children were women who had organized a two-week summer camp for the children, several fathers, members of Operation Dove, CPTers, and fourteen CPT delegates.  Israeli soldiers and the Ma'on settlement security guard followed the procession, as well as two cars driven by settlers, who yelled at the group. 

AT-TUWANI:Villagers nonviolently resist Israeli military delivery of nine Stop Work orders; Soldiers strike child, arrest adult

At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills, Palestine – In the afternoon of 20 July 2009, Israeli soldiers and representatives from the Israeli District Coordinating Office (DCO) delivered stop work orders for seven Palestinian houses, one cave, and one cistern around the village of At-Tuwani.

AT-TUWANI: New Palestinian house and olive tree destroyed in the night

At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills, Palestine On the morning of 17 July, a Palestinian family from the village of At-Tuwani discovered that their newly constructed house had been destroyed during the previous night and an olive tree located near the new house cut in half.  The family believes that Israel settlers from the Ma’on settlement and Havat Ma’on outpost are responsible for the vandalism.  Despite threats from both officers the Israeli military District Coordinator (DCO) and settlers, the family plans to rebuild the house.

AL-KHALIL/HEBRON: Israeli soldiers assault unarmed Palestinian teenager, threaten rape. Youth remains committed to nonviolence

At 4:30 pm on Monday 13 July 2009, two Israeli soldiers attacked a sixteen-year-old Palestinian boy 150 yards from his home in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron.

The attack happened as he was walking to his home carrying heavy electrical cables necessary for repair work on his family’s house. Two workers accompanying him left to raise the alarm.

The teenager reported that one particular soldier has often held him for ID checks lasting at least one hour. This soldier and another took his ID and told him to sit on the ground. Initially they made inappropriate sexual comments about the boy and his mother. They then assaulted him, kicking his leg, and hitting him on the neck and back both with their hands and with their rifle butts. He tried to telephone his father but a soldier grabbed the phone from him and hit him with it after removing the battery and SIM card.

AT-TUWANI REFLECTION: An exercise in Orwellian ‘doublespeak’

Last month, the Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, made a speech in which he set out his government’s position on a future Palestinian state.  The speech, an interesting exercise in Orwellian ‘doublespeak’*, appears to have been enough to satisfy the international community, but does not, I believe, offer the prospect of a just peace.


Sunday 7 June
The café proprietor told Hicks that the previous day, young settler visitors had broken three pieces of pottery at his shop and that the Israeli soldiers had done nothing to control them.  Further into the market, the owner of a shop beneath Avraham Avinu said that the settlers were rude, but that the soldiers had prevented them from causing damage to his goods.  Some of the settlers had told women running another shop that they were thieves, because the shops in the Old City belonged to the Jewish community.

AT-TUWANI: Israeli police, accompanied by Israeli settlers, arrest Tuba resident

In the early evening of Friday, 3 July, Israeli police detained a Palestinian from the village of Tuba, located in the South Hebron hills.  Mohammed* was on his way to Yatta for a doctor's appointment.  He stopped to speak with his brother, who, accompanied by members of the At-Tuwani team, was grazing the family flock on private Palestinian land beside the nearby village of At-Tuwani.

AT-TUWANI: Israeli police detain Palestinian children grazing sheep

On the morning of 25 June 2009, Israeli police detained two Palestinian children, Ahmed Omar Jundyye, age 15, and Redwan Ibrahim Jundyye, age 16, near the village of Tuba.  The boys, accompanied by members of the At-Tuwani team, were grazing their flocks near their village of Tuba, located in the South Hebron Hills.