Turtle Island Solidarity Network

Grassy Narrows Chief Rudy Turtle leads the community to Queens Park to serve Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Grassy Narrows First Nation sues government 

The Ontario and Canadian governments have failed to protect the water in First Nations community and neglected to clean up mercury poisoning decades later

Protesters block a train track holding a flag

Toronto Police Target Indigenous solidarity with Palestine

The clear targeting by the state to criminalize Indigenous Land Defenders at a pro-Palestine action shows that the state is afraid of what happens when Indigenous communities around the world unite.

An aerial view of Oak Flat lands, red stones and mountains under a blue sky with a layer of white clouds

Kill the sacred or stop the mine

At Oak Flat, the capitalist powers of destruction seem to want to play God – but how does one destroy all that sustains life in favour of scars of death?

Chief Rudy Turtle speaks at a rally

Grassy Narrows Says No to Nuclear Waste Storage

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Canada has proposed a storage site in the Wabigoon River watershed threatening the land, water, and communities in the area.

An oak tree at Oak Flat with snow covering its base on the ground.

When Snow Came to Oak Flat

A snowfall in Oak Flat has brought families out to enjoy the land, land that continues to be under threat from mining companies.

A path winds through the rocky terrain of Oak Flat. There are green bushes along the side of the path and a bright blue sky.

Mercy, not Sacrifice

And Spirit counselled me, “Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice.” (Matthew 9:13)

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