Turtle Island Solidarity Network

an image of the sacred Wedzin Kwa river, deep blue with thick green forest on either side and mountains visible in the distance.

Guests on the Yintah

This song is a product of a request from the Wet’suwet’en Matriarch Auntie Janet, who must routinely confront the RCMP as they trespass on her private residence.

Migiziiwazison sacred fire camp on Manitoba Legislative grounds

New provincial bill threatens Sacred Fire camp

The leaders of Migiziiwazison Sacred Fire Camp have nurtured a safe space to honour and support victims of residential schools but Manitoba government officials are moving to evict the camp.

Province destroys Indigenous Sacred Fire Camp  

The Migiziiwazison Sacred Fire Camp witnesses to the truth and tends to the healing of their community.  Pray for all those grieving loved ones lost to residential schools and who are awaiting their return home.

Police stand in front of Convoy protestors who hold flags that say F*UCK TRUDEAU

The Freedom Convoy happened, what comes next?

In response to the ‘Freedom Convoy,’ CPT offers tangible action items to confront rising white supremacy, racist policing, and far-reaching emergency legislation in Canada.

No CO2 piplines protest outside government building

CPT joins movement against carbon pipelines

Indigenous and farming communities in Iowa come together to resist as corporate groups rush to jam through Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) pipelines.

A school bus covered in snow at a blockade in Wet'suwet'en

The persistence of Wet’suwet’en Water Protectors

Land defenders and water protectors faithfully uphold their responsibilities to future generations while the government criminalizes them and favours the pipeline company.

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