Carol Rose, CPT Co-Director

CPT we always live with the tenuous balance of having enough work to do, enough
people to do it, and enough money to fund it. 
It’s not all about money, but we can’t do the work without it. 

Now, for the first time, the balance has
tipped to the degree that we may need to suspend and scale back compelling
peacemaking work because funds are low.

Last year, with the U.S. dollar down and
costs up, donations from individuals and congregations dropped 9%.  The good news is that most of you found a way
to contribute even within the context of economic downturn.  Thank you!

Unfortunately, there is a significant gap;
and communities caught in the midst of lethal conflict did not experience ANY
downturn in war and occupation.  They continue
to engage in courageous peacemaking and ask for our partnership in that
nonviolent and hopeful struggle! 

The Palestine
team has walked closely with partners to envision renewed work in the old city of
Al Khalil (Hebron) while continuing
the vital partnerships with communities around at-Tuwani.  Will we have the funds to do both?

A dozen Colombians are ready to start CPT
training, ready to engage in and deepen the team work that amplifies the voices
of those most affected by war, ready to offer their lives.  We also look forward to full trainings in Chicago and the UK this year.  Can we afford to put these new peacemakers to

There is a real possibility that Kurdish
Iraqi villagers displaced by Turkish bombing will, with CPT accompaniment, be able to return home.  A community leader turning the corner from
discouragement to hope said, “This is like a dream.  We want to go home but it’s hard to believe it
will happen.”  They have experience
disappointment and betrayal so many times by so many people, organizations,
institutions and governments.  CPTers
want to walk with them as they reclaim their lands and livelihoods in the name
of peace.  Is this the project we must

According to team members, the time is
ripe in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the work of nonviolence.  Local groups will continue to do that work
well, and they are encouraged and strengthened by the support and presence of
outside groups like CPT.  Must we
sacrifice the momentum and relationships built there?

On every team, CPTers are figuring out
ways to drastically reduce expenses.  Some
have offered to do this work full time without pay or with deep cuts to very
modest subsistence stipends.  But transportation,
rent, equipment, Internet to send out the news…these we cannot access without

Can you help fill the gap?  If so, please return the enclosed envelope
with your contribution and receive our sincere thanks.  (To give on-line see  With your pledges of money and prayer
support, we trust that the gap will shrink and we will be able to continue the
journey of peacemaking with our partners around the world.

Sharing the Load: Do you find Signs of the Times
helpful?  Do these stories inspire prayer
and action in your life and your community?  If the answer is “Yes,” please let us hear
from you.  Send us a note in the enclosed
envelope.  We also welcome contributions
to help offset the costs of printing and mailing.  If you wish to receive Signs of the Times via
the internet, go to to make the shift.  Thank you for helping us be good stewards of
the resources needed to sustain this work and the planet.

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