CHICAGO: Second Call for Academic Conference in Baghdad

December 31, 2002
CHICAGO: Second Call for Academic Conference in

Christian Peacemaker Teams is putting together a
delegation to Iraq that will include a Peace
Conference at the University of Baghdad from January
15-17, 2003.

As the U.S. government continues to talk of making war
with Iraq, every chance for people from North America
and Iraq to sit face to face with each other can help
the cause of peace. If you would like to apply for the
delegation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Baghdad University's western-trained faculty has
invited up to 500 U.S. academics to an Iraqi-American
Academic Seminar for Peace in Iraq. The format of the
conference will be a series of formal lectures with
opportunities for informal sharing.

A CPT delegation is planned for January 11-25 to
encompass this conference. Activities following the
conference may include visiting facilities such as
schools and hospitals and meeting with representatives
of governmental and non-governmental agencies.

The cost of the delegation is $2,000, which covers
round-trip airfare from a designated U.S. or Canadian
city, all on-ground travel, two meals a day, simple
accommodations, honorariums, and conference fees.

Participants accept the risks to personal safety and
uncertainties of travel inherent in being present in a
conflict zone. An additional risk for U.S. citizens is
that travel to Iraq violates U.S. federal law. CPT
seeks participants interested in human rights work,
committed to nonviolence, and willing to participate
in team worship and reflection. Delegates should have
plans to share about the trip upon return to their
home communities, academic settings, and

For more information or to apply, contact CPT at the
numbers below, or see CPT's website at: The deadline for application is
January 3.