CPT Mediterranean: Urgent Action Request from Lesvos

1 August 2017
CPT Mediterranean: Urgent Action Request from Lesvos - Please share the information and join a 24-hour fast in solidarity with Behrooz Arash who is at risk of death

by CPT Mediterranean/Lesvos

Behrooz Arash is dying. He sent a voice message to CPT members on Lesvos in which he said that his skin was falling off his body. We have been worried about his situation for a long time. The body gets damaged after the loss of 10% of the body weight. Behrooz has lost far more than that. He weighed 60 kilograms when he started his hunger strike 35 days ago. The last time he was checked, he weighed only 44 kilograms. That happened last week. We expected the police to respond to the demands from the doctors, the lawyers and others to take both Behrooz Arash and Kozhin Hussein to hospital. However the police kept them in jail. We expected them to care about the survival of the hunger strikers, that they would value their lives, but we were wrong. Until this very moment, they are locked inside a cell and prevented by the police to receive medical care or vitamins. They are in this critical situation without any medical support.

Three men on a hunger strike holding banners: My life has value

Behrooz Arash also told us that nothing regarding their eventual release would happen until 7th of August. He won't survive until then. The Greek government and police are killing him. They will be responsible for whatever is going to happen to Behrooz and Kozhin.

An urgent response needs to be taken by activists and solidarity groups in the European Union and the rest of the world to demand the freedom of the hunger strikers and immediate access to medical care for them.

Ways to support Behrooz and Kozhin are to share post from the CPT Meditteranean Facebook page as far and wide as possible. Please, contact public pages of governments and human rights organizations. Also, consider joining a solidarity hunger strike by not eating for 24 hours and posting messages of solidarity and photos on your social media with this hashtag: #freedomstrikelesvos.

Thank you for your support.