About Delegations

About CPT Delegations

Delegation participants seek to:

  • Understand conflict through visits with grassroots leaders, community members, church and human rights workers, legislators and officials
  • Encourage individuals and communities experiencing violence
  • Challenge violations of human rights
  • Promote active nonviolence as a means of settling disputes
  • Support movement towards nonviolent social change through listening, public witness, prayer vigils, dialogue
  • Reduce violence through an international presence in affected communities/areas
  • Connect their own churches and communities with the work of nonviolence

CPT seeks individuals with:

  • Interest and/or experience in international human rights work
  • Commitment to and/or experience in nonviolent action
  • Commitment to undoing oppressions
  • Willingness to engage in public witness, vigils and worship
  • Openness to participate in daily periods of team worship and reflection
  • Physical stamina for long days; some physical rigors are involved with most delegations

Participants should be prepared to:

  • Become familiar with conditions in the region prior to their trip
  • Spend 7 to 14 days with a CPT team and local partners
  • Communicate their experiences to local congregations, groups and media upon return
  • Raise money to cover costs of the trip

Fundraising Expectation

Delegates are expected to raise a specific amount to cover the costs of the delegation. The amount covers all in-country travel, simple accommodations, two to three meals per day, honorariums and other delegation fees. It does not include travel to the delegation location. If you have any questions regarding travel planning, please email delegations@cpt.org

If you are a university student contact your student union or association for funding opportunities.

Delegation Scholarships

CPT has limited funds available to assist applicants who otherwise couldn't participate. CPT is committed to undoing racism and will give preference in funding assistance to applicants from communities which have been disadvantaged by racism.  The delegation scholarship application can be downloaded here. Completed applications can either be emailed to delegations@cpt.org or posted to: CPT, PO Box 6508, Chicago IL 60680.