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CPT builds partnerships to transform violence and oppression in situations of lethal conflict around the world. We are committed to work and relationships that: honor and reflect the presence of faith and spirituality, strengthen grassroots initiatives, transform structures of domination and oppression, and embody creative nonviolence and liberating love.

CPT understands violence to be rooted in systemic structures of oppression. We  are committed to undoing oppressions within our own lives and in the policies and practices of our organization.  We are an organization with multi-faith and spiritually diverse membership, committed to building teams that reflects the rich diversity of the human family in ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender identity, language,  national origin, race and sexual orientation. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Qualities needed for CPT delegations participants include: 

  • Interest and/or experience in human rights work
  • Commitment to and/or experience in nonviolent action
  • Commitment to undoing oppressions and engagement as a member of a diverse team
  • Openness to participate in sharing chores, team life responsibilities, and daily periods of reflection
  • Willingness to engage in public witness, vigils and advocacy efforts

Please have a personal essay ready which gives us an idea of your experience in: cross cultural work, nonviolent direct action, undoing oppressions, and peacemaking work in high-risk situations. Include thoughts on how you plan to make use of this delegation experience.

Please keep Emergency Contact information ready as well.

If you have any questions you can email

Once you submit your delegation application, the Program Support Coordinator (PSC) will contact you about the next steps for the delegation. Please pay the delegation fee, book tickets, or buy insurance only after hearing from the PSC about the status of your application.

Which delegation are you interested in joining?
Personal Information

*** Please ensure your health/travel insurance coverage is valid in the country/area of the delegation.

Other optional information:

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Contact Information
Emergency Contact
Employment / Study / Volunteer Information
Skill Inventory
Fitness Information
CPT delegation involves physical rigor, communication in crisis situations, and exposure to violence and trauma. Please evaluate your physical/medical and mental/emotional fitness for work under such conditions.
Personal Statement
Self Disclosure Statement

CPT requires self-disclosure from all delegation applicants and reserves the right to conduct background checks. The following questions are intended to guide further conversation. Answers are confidential and do not constitute automatic disqualification from delegation. Have you at any time ever:

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