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Delegation to Lesvos

Resisting borders

September 17 - 27, 2024

The island of Lesvos is a place known since antiquity. It has always been a crossroads of cultures and carries a rich and composite history. Lesvos is also where the European border regime has been experimenting with different border militarization methods to keep migrants away from the EU through confinement, scaremongering and illegal pushbacks.

Although Lesvos came into the international spotlight with the so-called “migration crisis” in 2015, migration has always been part of the island for the local population. Likewise, the struggles against the violent anti-migration policies of the EU and Greece have always been part of this place.

During the seven-day delegation, we will contextualize the situation of migrants in Lesvos into a more extensive geographical, historical and political framework by meeting with local activists, experts, representatives of networks, assemblies, organizations and individuals involved in the solidarity work with migrants.

The collectives and individuals listed above are involved in a wide range of activities challenging the structures of injustice on the island and in Europe. Some of their activities include the monitoring of trials against criminalized migrants, protests and actions against the illegal and deadly practice of pushbacks, organizing for equality and justice against Fortress Europe and joining struggles against the transformation of the island into an open-air prison.

We would love to have you join us to explore the cracks from which a world without the violence of borders is visible.




Language: English

Cost: 950 Euros or 1065 USD

Delegates are expected to cover the costs of the delegation. The delegation fee covers all in-country travel, simple accommodations, two to three daily meals, honorariums, and other delegation fees. It does not include travel to the delegation, health insurance, or visa fees – if applicable.

COVID Protocols: Read Protocol

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