Once Norman, Jim and Harmeet were safely home, the remaining team members consulted extensively with Iraqi partners and friends about the future of CPT’s work. The team then left Iraq for a period of time to debrief and rest.

CPTers heard the consensus of our partners to continue work in Iraq, but not in Baghdad for at least some months because of the team’s recent high profile (due to the kidnapping) and continuing uncertainties around formation of a new Iraqi government.

In May, two CPT-Iraq interns visited a region in northern Iraq where CPT had not worked before. Other team members are ready to continue such exploratory visits to different parts of Iraq, but so far have not been able to obtain entry visas. No reasons have been given for the visa delays.

Please keep CPT, along with U.S., U.K. and Iraqi civilians, troops and politicians in your prayers during this time of many important decisions for all.

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