Anne Herman

(Birmingham, AL) died of lung cancer on November 22, 2007. Anne served with CPT both full time and as a Reservist for 10 years. She began her full-time service in 1997 by spending 6 months in prison for crossing the line at the School of the Americas (torture training school for Latin American soldiers). She worked on teams/delegations in Vieques, Chiapas, Esgenoôpetitj, Oneida, Arizona, Washington, DC (Shine the Light Campaign) and Jonesborough, TN (DU Campaign).

Former Steering Committee member Walter Franz (Winnipeg, MB) died on November 7, 2007 after a long battle with cancer. Walter represented Mennonite Church Canada on CPT’s Steering Committee from the fall of 2003 to the winter of 2007. He especially supported CPT’s work with First Nations communities in Northwest Ontario.

CPT friend Marafat Rabai (at-Tuwani, Palestine), age 12, died suddenly in her sleep on November 11. Marafat was a beautiful and brilliant young woman, viewed here at a vigil organized by at-Tuwani residents for the four CPTers abducted in Iraq in November 2005.

CPT friend Maher (at-Tuwani, Palestine) died in a car accident on the second morning of the feast of Eid. Maher, along with being a father, husband, and friend to so many people, was also active in organizing his community around nonviolent resistance. Those close to him mourn the loss of not only a dear friend but a potential leader for their struggle.

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