Romans 12:21 says not to be overcome by evil, but to overcome evil with good. Unfortunately, you seem to have twisted this passage’s meaning. You are hiding behind a handful of misapplied scriptures to justify your perverted social agenda in Iraq. An initial step toward honesty and forthrightness would be to remove the “Christian” label from the name of your organization. We pray for your salvation.

– John Larson and Family, Internet

Even though I don’t necessarily believe in the sovereignty of the law or its goodness, I have no doubt that we should call the law and those who make it, interpret it, and enforce it to uphold justice – especially when it is applied against its own terms as in the Algonquin situation in Ontario.
– Jason Barr, Evansville, IN

Please let the Palestinian people who are suffering these acts of violence know I am holding them in the light. May they find strength to stand nonviolently. And to the settlers, I hold them in the light as well, that their fears may diminish so they can be at peace.
– Tina Busch-Nema, Internet

How do you get the motivation to keep pushing for peace in a nonviolent way when war seems to be so prevalent and accepted? Many people brush off pacifism. You don’t see the effects as instantly as with war.
– Breanne Martens; Internet

As a strong supporter of CPT, I am disappointed in CPT’s statement [regarding not participating in anti-FARC protests in Colombia]. Is not CPT willing to speak to all the powers that be, not just government systems? Would not Jesus reject the Zealot’s anti-Roman violence? I consider this a low point in CPT.
– Doug Amstutz;Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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