After reading through [Signs of the Times] we have found that it is one of the most wonderful magazines. We are grateful to know about the great work you are doing.

Pastor Ruth and Godfrey Nafula


Thank you for the campaign you are leading in regard to violent toys. We would like to publicize the campaign within the World Council of Churches’ Decade to Overcome Violence (DOV) by putting it on the DOV web site. We are working to promote nonviolent games as real alternatives.
Hansulrich Gerber
Geneva, Switzerland

I’ve seen my fair share of violence, unnatural death, and havoc [including] hundreds of bodies floating past my Aircraft Carrier, the Lincoln, after the 2003 Tsunami. I also have seen my fair share of ignorance – you are one such case. I was raised with toy guns, GI Joes, plastic Army men and I grew up fine. I never judo chopped my little sister because I was raised to know the difference between play and reality. Blame the parents, stop blaming the toys. Hearing about your disruption of Toys R Us, a legitimate business, I am neither impressed nor amused.
Matthew Kodadek, Internet

Your CPT reports are greatly appreciated, forming the basis of prayer for individuals, situations and causes. Be assured that many of us are “holding up your arms” in prayer while you do battle on the front lines.
J. B. Shenk; Goshen, IN

I recieved a copy of “Signs of the Times” Fall 2007. Thank you for including me in your mailing list. I hope I will continue to receive such material in the future. More power to you.
Rev. Cromwell E. C. Rabaya II
Kidapawan City, Philippines

I keep thinking about issues of “faith and values,” issues of peace and social justice, following Jesus and I keep seeing these stories coming out of CPT. Don’t stop doing what you are doing. It is having an effect across the world
Jim Compton-Schmidt
Fresno, CA

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