Please accept this donation as a redirection of my federal taxes owed. I am unable in good conscience to fund U.S. military efforts, particularly the current war in Iraq. As a Christian, I follow the Prince of Peace who instructed us to love and pray for our enemies. Along with my many prayers for peace and protests to the government, I also choose to withhold my money from enabling more Iraqi and American deaths through this immoral and illegal war.
Karla Yoder
Washington, DC

You people are a sign of the end times – where right is wrong and wrong is right. You’re so understanding of evil people, but so condemning of the U.S. and U.S. military. If you really were Christians, you would recognize the U.S. as the defender of righteousness in the world. You people are evil.
Bill Humpf

I share the view of Tom Friedman from the New York Times that a necessary precondition to peace in the Middle East is that the U.S. completely wean itself from oil. To be consistent in my opposition to the war I feel I need to reduce my oil and gas consumption.
Norm Ewert
Wheaton, IL

I found your website while researching images of Iraqis. I am grateful for your work and glad you found a way to share it. My prayers are with you.
Norah Worthington
Towson, MD

You understand that peacemakers’ primary mission is to work at reconciliation of man with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then reconciliation of Gentile with Jew. Peacebreakers, on the other hand, take sides and divide. If you go with an agenda to hear and see only the Arab side in the Holy Land, then you are peacebreakers.
M. J. Moll
Calgary, AB

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