We are sending our income tax rebate to your in confidence that the good you do will help to counteract the harmful uses to which many of our tax dollars are put.  Thank you for being peacemakers!

Debbie, Ed, Jacob & Robbie

Ritchey Okeson

Rockford, IL

The past two years I have filed a crossed-out income tax return with a message saying, “I do not wish to cooperate with the government of George W. Bush who has chosen to spend our tax dollars on war and killing while cutting spending on social programs.  As a Christian, I cannot go along with this.  I must protest.”  My protest was symbolic as my taxes were already collected from my paychecks.  Now the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) says that unless I reverse my position, they will impose a $5,000 fine for “frivolous filing.”  Well, I can’t reverse my position.
Mike Palecek
Sheldon, IA  

My prayers are with you as you try to create healthy, well-staffed and focused teams in the West Bank, while facing Israel’s strategies of annexation, repression, fragmentation of Palestinian society and media distortions of the current reality and the historical roots of the current situation.  I wish you strength and clarity in making the decisions that you need to make.
Beth Harris
Ithaca, NY

I read and appreciate your fine reports.  May Christ, the Peacemaker Himself, bless and anoint these CPT globe-spanning initiatives, as many of us pledge our support and follow you with our earnest prayers.
J.B. Shenk
Goshen, IN

Thanks to you for your commitment to bringing hope, and to the villagers you work with, whose lives you have no doubt enriched and who enrich your lives with their care and community spirit.  My heart, spirit and meditations are with all of you as you do great work of nonviolence and are an example of peace-creating in action!
David Delewski
Love Thy Neighbor
Bethesda, MD

War, from its origins, is the murder of the sons by the fathers – as in, so few fathers murdering so many sons.
Leland Mellott
Mount Vernon, WA

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